BPS Level A

The BPS Level A qualification is the standard UK certification for pratitioners wishing to administer psychometrically valid assessements in a fair and valid manner.

The British Psychological Society allows many accredited conpanies to run these courses. Most follow a similar pattern.

The Level A is usually run as a five-day course. On successful completion of the course and a post-course assignment the candidate is entered onto the BPS Register of Competence in Occupational Testing.

The training should be run by Chartered Occupational Psychologists using materials and content verified by the BPS.

By the end of a level A course a candidate will:

* understand the core principles of psychometric testing;
* be able to evaluate and choose appropriate tests;
* administer tests in an unbiased manner;
* objectively interpret assessment results ;
* provide feedback results fairly;
* purchase and integrate assessments produced by major publishers onto their organisational environment.

There are no prior formal qualifications required to enter the BPS Level A course. Much of the course is about interpretation and a basic understanding of mathematics is essential. Without this the attendee will find it difficult to keep page with the rest of the class.