Educational Software

There are lots of great examples of software for education coming onto the market. If you want educational software to help your children learn, then there are lots of opportunities for you.

Software for schools

There are sites privding educational resources for parents, teachers, and kids. Some of the best ones include impartial reviews of education software.


Other sites allow you to dowfree educational software, but be careful of viruses. Only download software from a source you are happy is a legitimate educational software provider.

If you already own some educational software then visit the manufacturers website to see if they offer free additional materials, upgrades or extension activities. many of them do and getting hold of extra materials can really help you make full use of the software.

Finding Educational Software

Websites such as and REM offer an easy way to buy educational software online. We particularly like the primary ability software available from OneStopEducation.

Getting reccomended software for Schools

Despite all the above, really good software for schools is sometimes hard to find, so be guided by colleagues and experts. The annual BETT awards give prizes for educational software so this is a great starting point. Then the reviews on add more information to see if the resource is right for your school.

Recent award winning software for schools

Simulation Explorer from Granada Learning

Longman Digitexts: Feargal Fly Private Eye from Pearson Education from