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Whether you are about to sit a university, employment, graduate, college, police, nursing, law school or any other exam, this site will help you.

What sorts of exams are there?

Although it might seem a bit of a minefield, the truth is there are only a few different types of exam that you will ever come across. They cover words, numbers and shapes. They may be given names such as verbal reasoning, numerical ability and non-verbal cognition, but this is mostly for show.

The only extra you might find is 'personality assessment' which is where you give your preference between options or describe yourself from a list of alternatives. These are not to be worried about since you cannot know what the examiner is looking for. There are no right or wrong answers, so don't give personality tests a moment's advance thought.

How should I prepare properly?

Take practice exams!

This is probably the best advice there is. Practice tests will help you understand what you are expected to do and what the questions will be like.

Spend as long as possible preparing for the exam. The more familiar you are with exams, the less frightening they seem and the easier they are to complete properly. Take the practice exam(s) under close to actual testing conditions.Again, becoming familiar with what is going to happen on the actual test day is a key component in succeeding.

On the day of the exam, you should have a set routine that you follow. This should be the same routine as when you took the practice exams. Remember to take reading glasses and audio aids (if you use them) with you. If you need extra help, let the people responsible (admissions tutor, Human Resource department)know well in advance. If you have any form of disability, then use it to your advantage. There are standard proceedures for offering extra time to candidates who need it for medical reasons.

In short, advance preparation really is the key to success.

Which are the best books to help me further?

Prepare for Test at Interview by Robert Williams

This book got a five star rating based on the wealth of examples of real test questions. Excellent for anyone applying for a graduate or managerial role. The questions cover personality and ability assessments

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prepare for tests at interview

How to Pass at an Assessment Centre by Harry Tolley

The London Evening Standard gave this good notices. We found that it does exactly what it says on the cover. If you are sitting an 'assessment centre' then this is for you.

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pass an assessment centre


How to Master Psychometric Tests by Mark Parkinson PhD

This is the fully extended second edition of Dr. Parkinson's bestseller, containing a section with new practice tests. There is information on the different types of psychometric tests, what typical questions look like and how to answer typical questions.

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master psychometric tests

Career, Aptitude and Selection Tests by Jim Barrett

We liked this one. It provided more information that the others and still provided enough practice examples to make it useful. Barrett covered all the most common recruitment assessments being used by Blue Chip companies.

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career, aptitude and selection