How does the sun work?

A poem by Chris Brown.

The sun, we are told is burning,
Way up there in the sky,
And the sun just keeps on burning,
What I want to know is why?

My mum said 'ask your father'
Dad said 'I dunno'
So I fired up the computer
And to Google I did go.

First result was 'howstuffworks'
(seemed a good place to begin)
Said the sun is big enough to fit
1.3 million Earths in.

Wikianswers next but they used long words
like 'stallar nucleosynthesis'
I took one look and got confused
and went to ask my big sis

She said "go away you little brat
Im trying to watch TV"
So with a heavy heart and ringing ears
It was back to Google for me.

I found out the following:
There was hydrogen out in space
Lots and lots of hydrogen
Rushing together at a pace.

Gravity kicked in and then
a little ball appeared
And other balls of hydrogen
Joined it as they neared

Soon it was a massive ball
Of highly pressured gas
With friction raising temperatures
As the ball increased in mass

But with all that heat and pressure
something just had to give way
Hydrogen turned into helium
On our star's first sunny day

It's 10million degrees celsius
(according to this man called Steve)
but at the surface it is pretty cool
at just 5,000 degrees.

The sun burns at an alarming rate
of four million tons per second
And has shined 4.6 billion years
So Universe today reckoned

The process is called fusion
It works like a nuclear bomb
but not an instant blinding flash
the sun burns on and on

But it cannot burn forever and when
all the hydrogen has gone I fear
Its gonna get quite dark
And really chilly around here.

29th May 2010