Job description: obstetrician

The job description obstetrician is one of variety and complexity. An obstetrician's role is to care for mothers before, during and after birth. This makes being an obstetrician a very rewarding job in the medical professions.

There is lots of face-to face care, when examining patients, prescribing medication or in extremes, organising and performing surgery. The job description for an obstetrician should include the general physical needs of the mother to be, advising on diet, exercise and other environmental factors which could affect the health of both mother and child.


Then closer to birth, an obstetrician will deliver the child if they feel their attendance is needed. When necessary, the obstetrician performs cesarean sections or other procedures to help deliver the baby. The obstetrician's job role is also to provide immediate aftercare. This can then continue for quite a period, so the obstetrician is lucky to see the development of a growing child.

A very useful and rewarding career.