Meyers Briggs Testing

Free MBTI advice on Meyers Briggs Testing in the UK and USA

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality questionnaire which you usually would fill out in your own time and then bring with you to the interview for feedback and discussion. The basic questionnaire has 93-questions. It can identify introverts, extroverts and seven other personality types in between 15 minutes and an hour.


According to the authors of this psychometric test, Cheating at the MBTI questionnaire is not really possible because there are no right or wrong answers. Hwever, preparation will certainly put you at ease and make you feel more confident and comfortable when answering the questions.

Prepare for Test at Interview
by Robert Williams

This book got a five star rating based on the wealth of examples of real test questions. Excellent for anyone applying for a graduate or managerial role. The questions cover personality and ability assessments.

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prepare for tests at interview



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