Preparing for the Morrisby Profile?

As part of a job selection process you may well be asked to sit the Morrisby Profile. If so, then you will do well to consider getting some practice in. The Morrisby Profile (MP) is a set of twelve tests which assess aptitude and work based personality.

You receive a profile of personal strengths and limitations, and a detailed interpretation is based on the relationship of the scores in the twelve tests with each other.


Is there any practice material available for the Morrisby Test?

Yes there is. You can get a few examples on Morrisby's own website but there are also comprehensive books of practice questions so you can prepare properly. For example...

Prepare for Test at Interview by Robert Williams

This book got a five star rating based on the wealth of examples of real test questions. Excellent for anyone applying for a graduate or managerial role. The questions cover personality and ability assessments.

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