How to get a pay rise

How to get a pay rise part one: the basics

"Would you like a pay rise?" That is a silly question isn't it. We would all like a pay raise and a big one too.

Have you ever wondered how it is that some of your friends or colleagues get bigger pay raises than you do? Or perhaps they get pay raises more often?


This is article was written for people like you who want to master the secret of earning more money.

How to get a pay rise part two: getting the recognition you deserve.

One article I once read said the simple way to get a pay rise was to be worth it. What the author meant by 'being worth it' was that in order to get a pay increase you need to convince people that the money should be paid to you.

Guess who you need to convince first.

Your Manager?...No
HR Department? ...Guess again
The MD? ...Nope

As I suspect you have already realised, the most important person to convince is...


You have to spend some time convincing yourself that you should be payed more. How much more is up to you, but the key thing is that you need to believe in your heart of hearts that this extra money SHOULD be going into your bank balance.

If you already feel without a shadow of a doubt that a pay rise is deserved, then skip the next part and move on to How to get a pay rise part four: convincing your boss. Otherwise read on...

How to get a pay rise part three: being worth it.

Self confidence is key. The people who succeed are the people who believe they can. If you are not naturally self confident then you will find it harder than most to get a good pay rise. Therefore to earn more money it will pay you huge dividends to invest some time and maybe a little money into building your self confidence.

Why is Self-Confidence Important?

Self-confidence reflects your assessment of your own self-worth. It will play a large part in determining your happiness through life. There are many classes, books and videos available to help you. Famous books such as "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence" by Dr Robert Anthony, "Instant Confidence" by Paul McKenna and "Building Confidence For Dummies "are all excellent places to start.


How to get a pay rise part four: convincing your boss.

Even if you are a confident person you may recognise your lack of experience in your particular role. Therefore, making your case for a pay rise is the next step.

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