Free Reading Comprehension Exercises

The role of a reading comprehension exercise is to ensure the reader understands what they are reading. Children (and adults) are adept at hiding non-comprehension, so when teaching someone to read, the teacher should test for comprehension. This is a key factor in teaching good literacy skills.

Parents can help do this at home by asking simple questions after listening to their children reading aloud. Suppose a child has just read a passage about Tom giving an apple to his best friend Simon. Parents can ask questions such as "Who got the apple then?" or "Was it a banana?" The child's response tells the parent whether they understood the words they were reading.

For children, having a parent read newspaper articles with them is an excellent way to help them improve their vocabulary comprehension and also to get them starting to think about the social issues of the day. Be careful about which newspaper you choose!

Beyond simple on the spot made-up Reading Comprehension Exercises, there are more structured exercises available from various organizations, such as these Free Reading Comprehension Exercises from the University of Victoria's English Language Centre.

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