Resources for Teachers

These resources can help teachers make lessons more stimulating and provide new ideas for bringing topics to students is engaging, surprising ways

Primary Resources

Primary Resources
Free lesson plans, activity ideas and
resources for primary teachers.

Cartoons for Education

Learning how to draw easy cartoons on the computer or on paper can add a twist to materials to keep students more engaged with the information.

How to Draw Easy Cartoons
Step by step lessons in basic cartooning. Can be used by both teachers and pupils of all ages.

Manga Tutorials
The Japanese manga style is very popular with kids, so the ability to draw manga cartoons could really give your lessons the edge.

Assessment Resources

nferNelson may have changed their name, but they still produce some really first rate assessment materials.

Geography Resources for teachers

Free map of Cornwall
Free to reproduce for schools

Free map of Devon
Free to reproduce for schools

Diameter of the Earth
A nice earth sciences primer

The Planets of the Solar System
Includes methods for remembering the order of the planets and a good explanation of the 'Is Pluto a planet?' debate.