University Degrees

Getting a degree after 3 or four years of study is one of the key factors in ensuring a successful and financially secure future.

Many people without a degree still become successful and some people with degrees end up in poverty, but the graduation certificate is the best indicator of future performance available.


Traditional Universities

The standard of teaching is profoundly important. In the UK the top universities are:

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In the United States, the Ivy League Universitites are similarly held in high esteem.

University Degrees Online

Studying online is now emerging as a viable option. Colleges such as the British Open University offer genuine distance learning degrees recognised as equal and in some cases superior to traditional degrees. However, Do not be fooled by companies who attempt to sell a degree of no merit. The certificate itself is not the thing of value. Your years of education with a reputable university is what will set you up for a successful future. Stay away from organisations who will give you a degree following only a few short months of study. You will end up poor and dissappointed.

Did you Know...

In the UK you are awarded either a first (1) Upper Second (2:1) or Lower Second (2:2) degree. So if a british graduate says "I got a Desmond", they are refering to a lower second. The nickname was applied to the lower second in honour of Desmond Tutu (twotwo) the anti apartheid campaigner.